Altar Servers are a very important note in the symphony of the liturgy.  
- Bishop Wypych at Father Larry's Installation Mass

(Current Schedule through June 4, 2017)

April 8th & 9th

5:00 Cristian Herard, Zoey Holland, Julia Illarraza

8:00 Maggie Junkins, Leo Justic, Tara Koplin

9:30 George Keeley, Maeve Keeley, Grant Matern

11:00 Jack McGuire, Luke McKee, Sean McKee 

April 22nd & 23rd

5:00        Marty McKee, Max Moore, Sean Mulcrone

8:00        Colin, Connor and Danny McKeown

9:30        Kiley Nelligan, Rosie and Maggie Nolan

11:00     Nolan O’Brien, Aidan and Hannah O’Connor


April 29th & 30th

5:00        Grace O’Connor, Annie and Brennan O’Malley

8:00        Joe Palzkill, Harlyn Pickens, Ellery Reese

9:30        Stella and Elizabeth Potter, Torin Mulcahy

11:00     Tessa Ring, Nora and Jack Riordan


May 6th & 7th

5:00        Quinn Ross, Caroline and Patrick Sullivan

8:00        Elizabeth Saas, Lorelei Saczek, Nicole Scarbrough

9:30        Lucy Schiller, John Sedlack, Ava Solis

11:00     Madison Runaas, Lily Ryan, Burke Stanton


May 13th & 14th

5:00        Leena Webb, Alex and Isabella Werosh

8:00        Rich Zoller, Emma Alving, Hanna Balta

9:30        Edward Burke, Madden and Molly Blough

11:00     Edith Casas, Colin Cleary, Maria Condron


May 20th & 21st

5:00        Carmen and Sam Colon, Zuzu Cranley

8:00        Erin Conlan, Aidan and Jack Conlan

9:30        Cece and Ben Antonietti, Charlie Cutrara

11:00     Cale and Cullen Cosme, John Docherty


May 27th & 28th

5:00        Melanie and Nash Cosme, Julie Earley

8:00        Mairead and Margaux Doran, Elise Fidler

9:30        Becca and Maeve Enquist, Fiona Fitzpatrick

11:00     Chris Garza, Ellie and Lucy Guest


June 3rd & 4th

5:00        Owen Gorman, Jack Haffner, Julia Ilarazza

8:00        Maggie Junkins, Leo Justic, Jack McGuire

9:30        Sean and Luke McKee, Sean Mulcrone

11:00     Kiley Nelligan, Rosie and Maggie Nolan