Happy September with Peanuts cartoon character
    SEPTEMBER 14, 2016
    The past few weeks we have been discussing rules here at school. Please continue to reinforce the rules at home. For example: keeping hands to yourself, being a good listener, taking turns and sharing, being polite and kind. 
    We read the David  books about rules at home and school. We read The Kissing Hand and talked about how we will miss those at home we leave while at school and how they'll miss us as well. We read A Pocket for Corduroy and Wemberly Worried. Here we talked about our names and those that are important at school. We also talked about being worried or nervous at school since this is a new experience for some children.
    We began our religion curriculum this week with The Story and The Song. We talked about the Bible being a book of stories. These stories are full of people just like us who are learning about many things, including rules. This week we began studying our letters and more. We learned about the letter Xx, the number 1, the color red, and the shape of a rectangle. We went exploring  throughout the school to see what we could find. We found signs and other words with the letter X in them. We found many objects that were the color red and in the shape of a rectangle. We also located a few 1's. We looked at x-rays and listened to a xylophone. We also created some masterpieces of both!
    Next week our focus will be the letter Gg, the number 2, the color blue, and the shape of a square. The week after that is the letter Aa, the number 3, the color yellow, and the shape of a circle.
    Picture day is Monday for the M-F kids. The T/W/Th kids will have their pictures taken at a later date, possibly in October. We will let you know when the date is set.