• October 4, 2016
    Hello! Just wanted to let you know what the month looks like. This week we will be focusing on the letter Zz, the number 4, the color green, and the shape of an oval. Our theme is "zoo." We hope to get together with our 7th grade buddies this week for a "meet and greet."
    Next week is the letter Tt, the number 5, the color orange, and the shape is a triangle. Our theme is "tent." We will also be discussing Fire Prevention. If there are any firefighters out there that would like to come in to talk to the children, please let us know!!
    The week of October 17-21 is the letter Cc, the number 6, the color purple, and the shape is a diamond. Our theme is "colors." Halloween will also be a theme.
    The week of October 24-28 is the letter Ii, the number 7, the color black, and octagon is our shape. The theme is "insects." Halloween will also be a theme. 
    We will be attending our first mass on Wednesday, October 26. We will attend with our 7th grade buddies. I have listed the masses we will be attending on the section labeled Masses.