The CK Athletic Committee is responsible for organizing and managing the Sports Program.  The Athletic Committee shall have the responsibility and authority to implement the Program.  Such duties shall include, but not limited to the following:
    1. Assist the pastor and school principal with the school athletic program

    2. The Athletic Committee shall have authority to approve and remove all head coaches and coordinators for team sports

    3. Investigate and coordinate the utilization of outside athletic programs and schedules within the limits of the Athletic Committee’s financial means and the Archdiocese guidelines

    4. Establish guidelines for evaluation of each sports program and to evaluate the effectiveness of the program

    5. Consult with all coordinators/head coaches and review proposed expenditures for the respective sports activity

    6. Establish sub-committees on a standing or ad hoc basis according to need

    7. Perform such other duties or acts as the Athletic Committee deems necessary or advisable in achieving the stated purpose, mission statement, of CK Athletics.

    The CK Athletic Committee holds monthly meetings and is responsible for the operation and over site of the gym, CK Athletics equipment as well as all CK Athletic Sport Programs, Sport Teams and Athletic members.  By virtue of its bylaws, the members of Christ the King Athletics includes the students, student athletes, and the parents or guardians of students or student athletes and CK coaches. 

    The Athletic Committee shall govern the scope and direction of the sports programs including the management and maintenance of all the Christ the King extra-curricular sports programs and student participation in such programs.  The Committee will work in cooperation with the pastor, principal, the CK school board, as well as faculty and parents.

    As part of its management and maintenance of sports programs, the Athletic Committee responsibilities include the following:

    •   Set criteria, screen, approve and monitor coaches and coordinators

    •   Communicate the philosophy of the program and ensure that it is clearly understood and followed

    •   Coordinate, schedule and supervise athletic program volunteers

    •   Determine league participation, the number of games and tournaments

    •   Determine how teams will be slated when there is an insufficient number of registered and eligible players is large or their skill levels are greatly varied

    •   Decide whether an athlete can participate in more than one sport in a season

    •   Coordinate the scheduling of practices, games and tournaments

    •   Raise funds according to local guidelines

    •   Approve expenditures according to local guidelines

    •   Submit regular financial reports to the pastor and/or principal

    •   Develop, communicate and maintain a standard of safety

    •   Develop and communicate an Emergency Plan for unexpected occurrences at games and practices

    •   Develop a plan for crowd control to be put into effect as needed

    •   Establish a procedure for Conflict Resolution

    •   Annually review and evaluate the rules, regulations and eligibility standards

    •  Perform any other duties to fulfill the program objective