The coach has the greatest responsibility as well as the greatest opportunity to guide and influence the student athletes.  Coaches assume the role of teacher, mentor and minister to the young people in their charge.  A coach’s attitude and behavior are critical to modeling good Christian Catholic sportsmanship both in word and in deed.  All coaches shall demonstrate by personal example and direction, ideals of leadership, citizenship, Christian dimension, sportsmanship, and fair play to the athletes, fans and officials.

    SELECTION - The selection process for coaches begins with an application to the Athletic Committee.  The Athletic Committee will select and approve all coaches annually based upon the following criteria:

    •   The ability to model Catholic Christian values

    •   The ability to articulate and model the philosophy and goals of the program

    •   The ability to supervise and instruct the youth in his/her care

    •   An understanding of the basics of the sport to be coached

    •   The ability to develop the potential, confidence, and skills of each athlete on their team

    •   The ability to separate winning from the more important goals and values of the program

    •   Must be able to conduct scheduled practices and coach in a responsible manner.

    RESPONSIBILITIES - CK coaches will be expected to adhere to the following:

    •   Be familiar with, adhere to and support the CK Athletics mission statement and philosophy

    •   Attend informational meeting prior to assuming coaching responsibilities

    •   Be knowledgeable of CK Athletic guidelines and the rules of the sport and the techniques for teaching the fundamentals of the sport

    •   Use tactics and strategies that are appropriate for the age and skill levels of their athletes

    •   Model Christian sportsmanship knowing that the school is judged more by the coach’s sportsmanship than by his record

    •   Teach and guide the team members with a sense of fair play and model winning and losing in a respectful, courteous and gracious Christian manner

    •   Show respect for game officials and opponents; publicly shaking hands with the officials and opposing coaches before and after the game

    •   Refrain from public outbursts which may lead to similar behavior from students, parents and other spectators

    •   Be responsible for the safety and welfare of the team

    •   Be responsible for the team equipment/uniforms which are issued and the return of the equipment/uniforms in good condition

    •   Know the proper procedures for the entering and securing the Parish/School facilities

    •   Coaches are NOT responsible to administer any medication

    •   A first aid kit will be provided to each coach.  This first aid kit should be available at all games and practices.

    •   Attend all practices and games or be responsible to make sure there is proper supervision in their absence

    •   Teach rules of the sport and develop each player’s skills within the framework of team concept and help each player to develop self-confidence, discipline and sportsmanship and make participation a learning experience

    •   Strive to be fair and unprejudiced in their relations with student athletes and their parents. 

    •   Strive to be objective when evaluating talent

    •   Ensure the student participants wear the uniform provided by CK Athletics and required safety equipment

    •   Discipline inappropriate student behavior or disrespect but never resort to physical or verbal abuse or profanity

    •   Use common sense and maturity in resolving problems and conflicts

    •   Keep objective, factual, written records (incident reports) of problems concerning attitude and/or behavior.  The Sports Coordinator and parents should be notified when problems arise

    •   Provide a written schedule of practices and games to all participants on a regular basis

    •   Keep a written record of accidents and injuries.  Parents must be notified of all such incidents.  Accidents should be communicated to the CK Athletic Board President and Coordinator

    •   Give each athlete an equal opportunity to participate and improve as an individual player

    •   To participate in all classes required by CK including Virtus Training and background checks

    CK Coaches are NOT allowed to:

    •   Deny playing time to students who are cooperative in effort and attendance

    •   To submit rosters that are not approved by the Athletic Committee and/or Principal

    •   To play students who are not on their regular school roster

    •   To join an additional league or tournament without express CK Athletic Committee approval.

    MONITORING COACHING PERFORMANCE - If a coach does not perform his/her duties according to the sport and guidelines of the CK program, his/her actions will be formally addressed by the CK Athletic Committee.  If the coach continues to be negligent or deficient in carrying out his/her responsibilities, the CK Athletic Committee may dismiss the coach.  Coaches who have been removed from their position will not be invoked in any other aspects of CK Athletics.