CK Athletics policy is that no sports activities including; practice, games, tournaments and playoffs shall be scheduled prior to the end of the last mass on Sunday or 12:00pm.


    Playing time is a frequent source of misunderstanding and conflict among coaches, students and parents.  The coach has the greatest responsibility as well as the greatest opportunity to guide, teach and influence the student athlete.  Not all athletes progress at the same pace.  The Athletic Committee desires to provide an OPPORTUNITY for all of our students to participate in a sport.

    K through 5 - Except for football, the Kindergarten through and including 5th grade levels are instructional.  There should be equal playing time for each player—regardless of athletic ability.  Classes/teams should be split based upon evenly dividing the skilled players amongst the teams.  Under no circumstance should classes/teams be split based upon skill.

    6th-8th Grade - At the 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels, where the number of participants allows for it, teams may be split based upon level of skill (“A” or “B” teams.)  A player’s amount of playing time will depend upon his or her ability effort, attendance at practices and commitment to the team.  However, playing time for all players is strongly encouraged.

    Missing practice without cause or excessive absences can result in reduced playing time and even exclusion from the team.  Playing time shall also be reduced as a disciplinary action.  When a player loses self-control, uses inappropriate language, or engages in other conduct unbecoming a Christian student athlete, the student athlete should be removed for the remainder of the game