Parents/guardians are expected to support and encourage their child’s efforts.  Attending games and cheering for the team is a show of support.   However, parents are always reminded to act in a responsible manner and show good Christian sportsmanship.

    Parents are expected to communicate any health concerns their children may have at the time of registration and to the coach so that the student can be properly monitored.

    Parents should make no attempt to instruct or direct the play of an athlete or of the team during practices or games.  Parents should not criticize the playing efforts of any athlete on the team.

    Questioning, criticizing or berating the coach, the referees or any other officials in inappropriate behavior and subject to suspension or expulsion in accordance with the CK Athletic Committee By-Laws.  Parents should realize that they can and may be asked to leave a game or tournament if they are not able to maintain a standard of acceptable behavior. Parents agree to this Code of Conduct when signing up their child for each sport.