The CK Athletic Committee is proud to offer a large number of sports (soccer, basketball, golf, football and volleyball) at many grade levels and whenever the number of students allows, at more than one skill level.

    Running all of these teams requires a lot of time, energy and money.  All of the sports at CK are run by volunteers who give their time, and lots of it, coaching the teams and coordinating the teams’ activities.  This high level of volunteerism enables the Committee to keep registration fees as low as possible.  The fees charged per child to participate in a sport are intended to more or less cover the league fees that the Committee pays for that team.

    Operating the concessions stand at the gym and during home football games and collecting the admission fee at the gym requires adult and a lot of volunteer hours.  Consequently, each family that has a child in a fall or winter sport is required to work one shift in the concessions stand or door during that season per child.  It is important not only for financial reasons but also because it insures that there are always some adult members of the school community at the gym at all times that the gym is open to the public. 


    The Athletic Committee understands that not everyone is able to work a concessions/door shift.  To accommodate that possibility, the Committee has for several years asked for a concessions deposit.  Like a uniform deposit, it is a check that the Committee holds until the end of the year.  If the family completes its concessions or door shift, then the check is returned.  If the family does not complete its concessions or door, the check is cashed and the money is used to hire replacement workers.  The concessions deposit is $100.

    Please know that the Committee does not want to cash any concessions deposit checks.  The Committee does not make any money that way, because it would otherwise have to hire replacement workers.  We sincerely hope that the concessions’ deposit will simply encourage everyone to try a bit harder to remember that athletics is an all volunteer run program, and that they can help support the volunteer coaches and the players with a few hours of their time.  That is the only way that Christ the King’s athletic program will remain a strong and vital part of the school.

    In order to register for a required concessions/door duty, the parent must register on-line once notified by the concessions coordinator.