Goals of the Program:

    The primary goal of CK Athletics Parish Sports Program (Soccer and Football) is to provide opportunity and to teach the fundamentals of the sport and provide all participants regardless of skill level and opportunity to participate and develop their individual skills as well as team building skills.


    The CK Soccer Program has two co-ed soccer programs for CK Students in grades K-8 and eligible CK Religious Education Students. 

    An instructional co-ed soccer program for grades K-4 will run in the Fall.  CK participates in a league run by Most Holy Redeemer.

    A competitive co-ed soccer program for grades 5-8 will run in the Spring.  CK participates in the Southwest Catholic Soccer Association league.  The Soccer Program will adhere to the goals, philosophies and directions of the Athletic Committee manual.


    The Athletic Committee will order uniforms, school colored individual jerseys, shorts and socks to students enrolled in the soccer program.  All student players are required to wear shin guards.  These will be provided by the student.  For practice use, each soccer team head coach will be provided with 4 to 5 balls.  Soccer goal nets are provided for home games.  There are mini nets for kindergarten and larger portable nets for grades K-4.  For grade 5-8 home games, soccer nets are available that hang off of permanent goal posts.  The larger portable nets are available for practice use by all grades K-8.

    Field Use

    Fall soccer league home games are played at Cosme Park at 91st and Longwood.

    Spring soccer league home games are played at the Dan Ryan Woods on the central field, east of Western Ave between 83rd Street and 87th Street.

    Team Selection

    Players will be selected by the coordinator and coaches prior to the season.  For K-4, selection will be based solely on balancing a team by athletic ability i.e girls and boys.  Coaches will notify players of team selection.

    For the fall MHR league, teams are coed.  Teams are divided by kindergarten, 1st-2nd grade, and 3rd-4th grade teams.  Each team should have 13-14 players ideally.  CK enters multiple teams in the league based on the total number of students participating at each level.  Participants are not allowed to play up to the next division.  Religious Education students are eligible to participate int he soccer program.

    For the spring league, CK enters coed teams.  CK has entered a 5th-6th (JV) team and a 7th-8th (varsity) in the league.  When only entering one team per division, CK has in some years had enough participants to field multiple teams in a division.  However, many students have multiple spring activities and are unable to attend all games and with a smaller roster, a team may not have enough players to play their game.  Therefore, it has been concluded it is more appropriate to enter 1 team per division.  If needed due to a shortage of players, 6th graders are allowed to play up to the varsity division and 4th graders are allowed to play up to the JV division.  Religious Education students are eligible to participate in the soccer program.

    In order to ensure quality playing time for all players, the number of players on a team will be limited.  Kindergarten teams will consist of no more than 12 players.  In grades 1-4, there will be no more than 18 players.  In grades 5-8, the maximum number of players will be 22.

    The ideal number of coaches per team is two, one head coach and one assistant.  Parents attending the game are encouraged to help monitor children on the sidelines while they are not playing and help clean up the sidelines during the game.  If multiple teams are needed and the coordinator cannot get enough coaches to volunteer, teams will be divided up equally and parents will have to coach an additional team after reaching the team maximums.

    Playing Time

    All players should play equal time.  The minimum play is two quarters per playing in the fall league.

    In the spring league, all players should be given meaningful playing time during the course of the regular season.  During the spring league playoffs, an effort should be made to provide playing time to as many different players as possible, but it is expected that playing time can be also determined by the player’s ability. 

    Season Play

    Fall soccer begins the first week of September and runs until the third week of October.  Games are played weekdays usually at 5:30pm.  Team schedules will be provided prior to the first game.

    Spring soccer begins at the end of March and regular season ends by the middle of May.  Playoffs conclude by the first week of June.  Games are played on various days and times.  Sunday games should nots be scheduled prior to noon. Team schedules will be provided prior to the first game.

    Program Objectives

    Kindergarten—to learn the basic match rules.  Field positions and basic kicking and throwing techniques are emphasized. 

    1st-2nd Grades—to learn basic match rules. Positions, dribbling, trapping and passing skills are emphasized.

    3rd-4th Grades—to learn match rules.  Ball control and shooting skills are emphasized.

    5th-8th Grades—to play competitive soccer matches that emphasize team work.

    Coordinator Duties

    The soccer coordinator should be a member of the Athletic Committee.  The coordinator has many responsibilities in the areas of registration, equipment, recruiting and selection of coaches. 

    Other CK Soccer Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

    •   Represent CK at MHR fall league meetings and SWCSA spring league meetings

    •   Coordinate payment of the various league fees

    •   Order balls, uniforms, and other necessary equipment

    •   Assist the coaching staffs with the distribution and collection of equipment

    •   Insure teams have qualified and a sufficient number of coaches

    •   Assign all players on to team rosters.  Attempt to create teams so that family members including cousins can play together and honor any special team requests from parents.  In the Fall league, younger students are not allowed to play up to the next division.

    •   Communicate the league rules, CK coaches code of conduct and the CK guidelines to all coaches

    •   Ensure all coaches are VIRTUS trained

    •   Monitor the actions and performance of all coaches communications

    •   Communicate with the CK Athletic Committee on progress and any conflict situations that may arise during season play

    •   Obtain game permits for Cosme Field and Cook County Forest Preserve

    •   Coordinate the use of soccer goals between teams.  Goals are the responsibility of the home team.  Coaches or team parents are responsible to bring the goals to the field and set up prior to the game.