Goals of the Program

    The primary goal of CK Athletics Parish Sports Program (Soccer and Football) is to provide opportunity and to teach the fundamentals of the sport and provide all participants regardless of skill level and opportunity to participate and develop their individual skills as well as team building skills.


    The program is open to any boy registered in grades 4-8 at Christ the King School.  CK Religious Education students are also eligible to play. 

    Levels of Play

    The CK Football team is compromised of a Varsity and a JV team.   Depending on the number of students registered, there may be two teams at the JV level.  The “B” team is instructional with equal playing time and  with coaches on field.  The “A” team is more competitive with playoffs and a championship game, while being instructional it is also competitive so playing time will be based on ability. The Varsity team will compromised of 7th and 8th grade players. Play is competitive with playoffs and championship game.  Playing time is based on ability decided upon by the coaches.


    CK Athletics will provide the following equipment to its players.  Each player will receive a helmet, shoulder pads, and a practice jersey.  The players will be responsible for purchasing a jersey that will be ordered by the football coordinator.  They will also be responsible for purchasing football pants with pads, a mouth guard and cleats.  All equipment should be returned at the end of the season in good condition.


    CK Football participates in the Southside Catholic League.


    -Go to the Southside Catholic League meetings

    -Responsible for all equipment including passing, collecting and conditioning 

    -evaluate the need for replacement

    -set up field

    -Work out scheduling of home games high school fields

    Coachs, Players & Parent Expectations

    Coach Expectations

    • I will never ask more from a Player, than I would ask of myself.

    • I will provide a safe, friendly, fair, consistent, and positive learning environment for the Christ the King Football Program.

    • I will be patient, understanding, honest, and respectful to all my Players and Parents, while always holding them to the highest standards.

    • I will adjust my coaching style to meet the needs of my Players, while empowering them to work hard so they can reach their full potential.

    • I will be prepared and give 100% of my effort everyday to my Players, so they know I care about them as a person and their successes in life.

    • I will effectively and consistently communicate to both my Players and Parents, so their experience with the CK Football Team is a positive one.

    Player Expectations

    • I will come to every practice prepared to learn and be coachable 100% of the time.

    • I will always show respect to all of my Coaches and fellow Teammates, and only speak when the time is appropriate.

    • I will expect my Coaches to empower me, so I can reach my full potential as a football player and young man.

    • I will give 100% effort on every assignment, play, and game, as well as ask quality questions when I do not understand.

    • I will be a great Teammate…no matter what my playing time is, what position I play, or what the outcome of the game happens to be.

    • I will trust that my Coaches and Parents have my best interest at heart, so therefore I will listen intently to their advice about working hard, being disciplined, and always trying to get better everyday!

     Parent Expectations

    • I will always support my Son/Player, no matter his playing time or position he plays.

    • I will support the CK Football Team throughout the season at games, practices, etc…no matter the outcome of the game.

    • I will appropriately communicate with the Coaches when I have a question, concern, etc.

    • I will assist with Team Tasks such as doing sideline chains, filming, taking stats, announcing, etc. when asked to do so.

    • I will always understand and take into consideration that this is grade school football and the Players are still learning the game, and the Coaches are fellow Parents, volunteering their time.