Goals of the Program

    The primary goal of CK Athletics Little Tykes Program is to provide opportunity and to teach the fundamentals of the sport and provide all participants regardless of skill level an opportunity to participated and develop their individual skills as well as team building skills.


    Little Tykes is open to any boy or girl in grades 1-3 registered at any school in our area. 

    Levels of Play/Team Selection

    All teams will be played at an instructional level and consist of teams made up of either boys or girls.   Teams will be comprised of  players from multiple schools with no more than 3 or 4 players from the same school on a team.  Grades 1-3 will be on the same team with the younger inexperienced players playing quarter 1 and 3 and the older more experienced players playing in quarter 2 and 4.  Coaches will be on the floor coaching as the game goes on. 

    Team selection will be dependent upon the number of registrants but no team is meant to be comprised of all players from a single school.  All players will receive a Little Tykes t-shirt at their first game. 


    Christ the King sponsors the Little Tykes league which runs from Jan-March.  Games take place on Saturdays at Christ the King Parish center from 8am-3pm.  There are no practices at this level. 

    Coordinator Responsibilities

    Little Tykes is operated by a Coordinator and Coordinator Assistant. The Coordinator and/or assistant is expected to be present at each game on Saturdays at Christ the King gym and assign players and coaches to teams.  The Coordinator is responsible for providing the proper equipment for each game as well as ensuring that the basketball court is set up for two simultaneous half court games.  The Coordinator is also expected to keep the games running in a timely and efficient manner and provide any necessary support requested by the team coaches.

    Coachs Responsibilities

    Coaches are responsible for attending weekly games, providing instruction while children are playing on the court, ensuring that each child gets fair and adequate playing time.  Coaches are expected to remain respectful at all times of referees, children and parents on their team and the opposing team.