Participating in the CK Sports Program is a privilege not a right.  Student athletes will be held to personal, academic and disciplinary standards.


    The criteria for eligibility in the CK Sports Program are as follows:

    The athletic program is comprised of the following:  School Sports – Basketball, Golf, and Volleyball.  Parish Sports – Football and Soccer.  All sports are open to any boys and girls registered in Kindergarten thru 8th grade at Christ the King School.  Athletes must adhere to the Christ the King Sports Sign-Up Policy as well as the Athletic Code of Conduct. 

    Students enrolled in the Christ the King Religious Education Program are allowed to participate in the Parish Sports of Football and Soccer and athletes must adhere to the Christ the King Sports Sign-Up Policy as well as the Athletic Code of Conduct.  Religious Education Football and Soccer participants must also meet specific rules set by the Southside Catholic Conference that pertain to Religious Education participation/eligibility.

    In order to be eligible for participation, an athlete must:

    1.    submit all documentation within an established timeline

    2.    meet the academic requirements

    3.    sign & submit completed permission and registration forms

    4.    pay all required fees including any associated fundraising 

          •  Students meet the CK School Guidelines for sports eligibility

          •  Sign and complete CK Sign-up Forms

          •   Complete and execute parental permission forms

          •   Students must meet age and weight requirements of league/conference regulations

          •   Pay all required fees; including uniform deposits

          •   If a student receives a grade of D- or worse on any report card, he or she will be immediately suspended from playing             until such below average grades are improved.  Any and all reinstatements must be approved by the principal.

    Students who choose to participate in the CK Athletics Sports Program are representing the parish and school at all times.  Students must act in a manner that reflects favorably upon the parish, school and themselves.  This expectation is not limited to the sports field or court, but should be evident at school, in the community, at their schools, as well as, before, during and after the games.  Athletes are expected to show good sportsmanship and to play by the rules.  Athletes should be supportive of all their teammates.

    The athlete is responsible for the uniform/equipment issued by CK Athletics.  If it is lost, stolen or damaged, the uniform deposit will be forfeited.  At the end of the season, uniforms/equipment must be returned in good, clean, reusable condition.

    The student athlete is expected to show respect for coaches and to cooperate with them fully.  This respect is also given to members of their team, opponents and officials of the sports.  The athlete shall also show respect to fans and spectators of their teammates.

    Losing self-control, using inappropriate gestures or tone of voice, or foul and a referee’s call or a coach’s decision or other signs of disrespect are reasons for disciplinary action.  Consequences of such behavior may result in reduced playing time, removal from the game, suspension or expulsion from a team.  The CK Athletic Committee will govern all such incidents and shall be enforced by the administration and the faculty.

    Student-Athletes will be given written notification and an opportunity “to be heard” if there is the possibility of suspension from the program for an extensive period of time or of dismissal from the program.

    Athletes are expected to be present and on time for all practices and games.  Not attending practices affects the entire team and detracts from the sense of teamwork that coaches are striving to achieve.  The consequences of missing practices, games and excessive absence will be addressed by the coach.