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     Sports Eligibility

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    The Principal has full and final voice on a student’s participation in the athletic programs of the school.  Students may be denied eligibility for either scholastic or disciplinary reasons.


    A.           Athletic Eligibility

    a)     Every child attending Christ the King School who meets the academic requirements will be allowed to participate in all CK sports programs.

    b)     Every child will make a sports team from Kindergarten through 8th grade, unless they do not meet the requirements for academic or disciplinary reasons.

    c)      Christ the King Religious Education (RE) students are eligible to play in parish sports (football and soccer).  RE athletes cannot participate in the same sport for any other school during the school year.  The RE student must have attended 80% of RE classes from the prior year/season to be eligible to play in the current year and maintain an 80% attendance rate for the current year to continue playing that season.

    d)     An athlete is eligible to play when the required forms are completed, current and outstanding fees are paid, and uniforms from the previous sport have been returned.

    e)     The parents must meet their volunteer concessions/door commitment.

    f)      Any athlete, who fails to complete their season, will not be allowed to play future sports.  Their parent or guardian will be required to present a written petition to the CK Athletic Board requesting reinstatement.  If the petition is not received and granted by the Board, the athlete will not be allowed to play any future sport.

    g)     Any child who receives an ineligibility notice, will not be allowed to practice or play during the time frame determined by the school.

    h)     Any child who is absent from school due to sickness is not allowed to practice or play during the days that they are absent.

    i)       Any child who receives an in-school suspension will not be allowed to practice or play during the time they are serving the suspension.


    B.           Registration and Fees

    The fee for the sport is to cover the cost of entering a team into a league(s) and any incidental costs associated with participating.  The fee is not intended to cover the cost of tournaments.  The participation in any tournaments is determined by the overall sport’s budget.


    a)     Sports registration fees are non-refundable as outlined in the Refund Policy.

    b)   Registration for all sports must be completed by the end of the registration period as determined and announced by the Board.