• Officers

    The Executive Board will consist of: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Southside Catholic League Representative.  The General Board will consist of the coordinators from the following programs:  football, soccer, golf, girls basketball, girls volleyball, boys basketball, Little Tykes and boys volleyball.  All Board members will be a parent or guardian of a student enrolled in Christ the King School.

    The Executive Board should be elected from the current general Board members in a vote taken by the General Board.  A member shall be nominated by a Board member, seconded by another Board member, and then a roll-call vote of all general Board members will be taken.  There must be a ¾ quorum of General Board members present to vote on new position members, and a majority carries the vote.  If no one from the Board is available to except a position, the executive officers may seek applications from at-large.

    If an event occurs where an officer needs to be replaced immediately, an emergency board meeting will be held to temporarily fill the position until a special election can be announced and held.

    Nominations for officers will be in May, when a position is going to be vacant.  Elections for these officers will be at the June meeting.  Each Board officer is subject to a maximum stated by the individual position descriptions.  One extra year may be added with a majority vote of members.  The Board insures that the athletic programs adhere to all Archdiocese, Parish, School, Athletic Board and league policies.

    The Executive Board positions are as follows:

    A.     President

    a)    Conducts monthly meetings.

    b)   Appoints various chairpersons to standing committees with the approval of the board members.

    c)    Acts as liaison between the Athletic Board and the Pastor and Principal of Christ the King School.

    d)   Calls emergency meetings when needed.

    e)    President will serve a renewable two-year term and may apply for up to three additional 1-year terms.

    B.     Vice President

    a)    Handles all duties of President, if President is absent

    b)   Notifies Board members of Budget (June) and By-Law Meeting (May) of each year.

    c)    VP will serve a renewable two-year term and may apply for up to three additional 1-year terms.

    C.     Recording Secretary

    a)     Maintains factual, written account and records of actions, votes and minutes of all meetings.

    b)    Takes responsibility for all publicity and correspondence.

    c)     Keeps a record of attendance at monthly meetings.

    d)    Recording Secretary will serve a three-year term and may apply for up to three additional 1-year terms.

    D.    Treasurer

    a)    Will keep accurate monthly account of all income and expenses of the CK Athletic Association.  No expenses will be allowed without supporting documentation and verification.

    b)   To audit the books there must be a majority vote by the Board.

    c)    Pays out all the monies and bills, safeguard all financial assets.

    d)   Treasurer will serve a three-year term and apply for up to three additional 1-year terms.

    E.     Southside Catholic Representative

    a)      Attends Southside Catholic meetings and reports back to the Board.

    b)      Represents the Board’s vote based on the Board’s wishes.

    c)       Conducts SSC Leadership Award essay for 8th graders.

    SSC Representative will serve a two-year term and may apply for additional 1-year terms.