• Coaches

    Coaches play a vital role in ensuring that the athletic program at CK runs smoothly and efficiently.  They are looked up to by both student-athletes and parents, and must take their responsibility seriously.  As a role model, they must always display highest Christian values and realize their players follow their lead.  They should stress the importance of teamwork and respect for themselves, teammates, opponents, coaching staff and officials.

    A.     Selection

    a)    Head coaches will be appointed by the Board and coordinators, after teams have been determined.  The election of coaches for all sports are reviewed and evaluated each year.  All coaching positions will be advertised in the Sunday Bulletin and school newsletter, along with the notices for sign ups.  The sport coordinator will bring poor review of any coach to the attention of the Board for further action.   Action will be taken at the discretion of the Board.

    b)     All coaches must fulfill their VIRTUS requirements prior to the beginning of the sport’s season.  If the coach does not fulfill this requirement, he/she will not be allowed to coach in accordance with the Archdiocese of Chicago requirements.

    c)      All coaches must complete the provided Safety and Emergency procedure training provided by the CK Athletic Board. And accept the responsibility of upholding the CK Athletic Board Safety and Emergency Procedures Policy.

    d)     The head coach must report all injuries to the Coordinator as soon as possible.

    e)     Head Coaches must be 18 years of age, unless an exception is approved by the Board. 

    f)       The head coach is responsible for all actions of their assistants.

    g)      The head coach will document an athletes’ attendance for practices and games.    When a player is absent from a practice or game, the coach must indicate whether the absence was excused or not.  This is necessary to defend any disciplinary actions.

    h)     Coaches must follow all CK Athletic Board Handbook Policies.

    i)      All coaches will be held to the standards outlined in the conduct and zero tolerance policies.  Violations of these policies will be reviewed by the Board and Coordinator and may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.