• Complaints

    A.     Any complaint should not be directed to the pastor or principal of Christ the King.  While sports are a school function, the pastor and principal are not the governing board of the athletics program.

    B.     If a written complaint has been given to the Board, the head coach of that sport will be required to provide an explanation to the Board.  A Board meeting may be called.  The following is the chain of command for such complaints:

    a)    Any parent/guardian who has a complaint must first address it with one of the coaches and the complaint is not to be made until a 24-hour cool down period has occurred.

    If the complainant feels the problem has not been resolved after talking with the coach, they should speak to the coordinator.

    b)   The next step is for the complaint to be formalized in writing and presented to the CK Athletic Board President for discussion with the entire Board.