• Team Composition

    A.      For grades Kindergarten through eighth grade, all registered student athletes will play on a team.

    B.      Determination of Team Players

    a)       Because 6, 7 and grade 8 levels are competitive, the team composition will be determined by skill level.  Skill level will be assessed by independent evaluators.

    b)      If a coordinator of a child trying out for that sport, another Board member will take the place of the coordinator to participate in tryouts along with the independent evaluators.

    c)       Once tryouts are completed and teams are determined, coaches will be identified and selected.

    d)      If there is no coach for the second team, the teams may be combined into one.  If there are no coaches for either team, the Board will determine whether or not that sport at that grade level will be cancelled for the season.

    C.      The football team must adhere to conference rules.

    D.      For basketball and volleyball teams, the number of players on each team’s roster will be determined by the coordinator with approval from the Board after registration and is based on the total number of registered athletes.

    E.      Soccer

    a)       The fall league is for K-4th grade and is co-ed.  This is an instructional league.

    b)      The spring league is for grades 5-8 and is also co-ed.  This is a competitive league.

    c)       Playing time will follow the set guidelines of the CK Athletic Board.

    d)      The 5-6th and 7-8th grade teams must consist of at least 18 players.  The number of players registered will dictate how many teams will be made.

    F.       Little Tykes

    a)    Is an instructional basketball league for boys and girls in

    Grades 1-3. 

    b)   Children from CK school and children outside of CK school are eligible to register for this league.

    c)    The league consists of a boy division and a girl division.

    d)   Teams consist of an equal number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders.

    e)    Each team will consist of athletes from different schools. 

    G.      Golf

    a)    Is a competitive league for boys and girls in 8th grade.

    b)   The Southside Catholic Conference rules and regulations are followed.

    c)    If numbers permit, all participants play each week. These numbers are subject to the availability of tee times. Limited tee times mandate a rotation of players in different weeks in order to get the required rounds necessary to qualify for the championship round at the end.