• Playing Time

    Each player’s amount of playing time will reflect the player’s ability, effort, attendance at practices and commitment to the team.  In grades 4 and 5, 6B, 7B and 8B, playing time should be divided equally in every regular season game.  In grades 6A, 7A and 8A, the amount of playing time may be left to the coach’s discretion, however some playing time for all is mandatory during regular season games.  This excludes playoff games.  “Winning” at all costs, or to the exclusion of participation of eligible players will not be tolerated.  Missing practices without cause or excessive absences can result in reduced playing time and even exclusion from the team.  Playing time may also be reduced as a disciplinary action when a player loses self-control or engages in other conduct unbecoming of a Christian student athlete.

    To insure fair competition in regards to playing time among our students the following guidelines are recommended:

    A.     All players should participate in every regular game.  However, factors such as those discussed above, would be detrimental to playing time and carefully considered on an individual basis only when necessary.

    B.     Grades Kindergarten through 5th will be deemed strictly instructional and playing time should be equally distributed.  In grades with more than one team, the talent should be equally divided.

    C.     Grades 6A, 7A and 8A teams should be geared towards the competitive nature of sports.

    D.    All B teams will play students as equally as possible at all times throughout the season.