• Health and Safety

    A.     Each participant must have a statement signed by his/her parent or legal guardian absolving Christ the King of any responsibilities for injuries and acknowledging from a doctor that the child is physically fit to participate in the sport.  The statement will be available at registration of that sport.  Parents are responsible for medical coverage of their child.

    B.     An athlete may not come to practice or a game if they were absent from school due to illness.  The coach must be notified if your child is going to miss a practice or game.

    C.     An athlete may come to a practice or a game if they have an excused absence from school that was not due to illness.

    D.    If a player has an injury which requires doctors’ care, the player must have a written release from the doctor before returning to practices or games.

    E.     Every team will have a first aid kit and Emergency Procedure Guidelines.

    F.     If a player sustains an injury and is seen by a doctor or taken to the emergency room as a result, of an injury, the parent/guardian should notify the head coach as soon as reasonably possible.  The head coach is required to notify the coordinator immediately.  The coordinator will complete the written injury report and follow athlete injury procedures.