• Rick Fey -Cass of 1961

    I graduated from CK in 1961 with 80 classmates!  I attended Brother Rice HS where I was active in the marching and concert bands. I went on to Southern Illinois University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and met my future wife, Margie. The Vietnam War was escalating so while I waited for my draft number to be called up I drove a cab with fellow CK classmate George Blough. Time passed so I decided it was time to take a job as a special education teacher.  Along the way, I earned a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Illinois and married Margie, also a teacher.  During our summers we traveled and discovered the National Park Service.  In 1975, we began our summer careers as Rangers in Yellowstone National Park. Our first assignment was to be fire lookouts from atop a mountain, 10,243 feet in the air.  We spent a lot of time differentiating between smoke from a fire and steam from the 10,000 hot springs and geysers.  Big Horn sheep visited nightly. In 1982, we moved to Aspen, Co where I became a “Winter only” patrol officer with the police department. We continue to go to Yellowstone every summer, next summer will mark 40 years working in the park.  If you happen to be in the area, please come by and say “hello.”