September 12, 2016

    These kids are troopers! I feel like we are throwing a lot of new things at them and they are rocking it. They have several things in their folders today:
    Picture day is September 19th. See note in your child's folder.

    • Mathletics information will be in tomorrow's folder.
    • Words Their Way work is in your child's folder to get started for our week with their groups. 
    • There will be more information on Words Their Way tomorrow so you may help your child study for the quiz on Friday.
    • There is a religion quiz on Wednesday. Study guide will be in tomorrow's folder.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Week 9/6-9/9

    Despite the heat, the children kept busy with work. The nervousness that comes with the first weeks of school are over and the children are becoming comfortable in showing more of their personalities. They are a wonderful bunch. I feel blessed to be their teacher. They are also getting the swing of our schedules and our routines. We are still in the early stages of working with our routines and hopefully we will have them fully tackled before the end of this month.
    As for communication on this page, I will update each day with what we are learning. For smaller things, I will send a quick text. Please be patient with me. I only gave a weekly recap with the preschool class. So, for today, here is a recap of this past week.

    • Morning Work: We start each day with morning work that combines math and language arts in one page. We did not start those until day four of school. So, we did an extra page for a few days to catch up to our classroom counting section.
    • Math: We are working with number bonds. The children have an understanding of them now and we are moving forward with number bonds going up to ten. Your child will receive their Mathletics username and password this week.
    • Language Arts: We finished working on upper and lower case letter identification. Through Little Red Riding Hood we reviewed character, plot and setting. We started talking about genre and introduced fables by showing Chicken Little. We are going to get started with their word work this week. We also, will have a Scholastic order form in your child's weekly folder.
    • Religion: We learned about creation and Adam and Eve this week. We went to church on Wednesday. On Friday, the students met with Fr. Matt in the church to learn more about mass and the church. The children will have a chaper quiz on creation and Adam and Eve. The children will bring home a study guide on Tuesday. It is an easy one.
    • Science: The children started science in Ms. Sansone's room this week. They will meet with her twice a week. They just went over procedures in her room and got to know her.
    • Social Studies: We introduced our book and discussed what we will work on this school year. The children seem excited about learning about our country, but also the lives of kids like them from other countries.
    • Weekly Folder: Thank you for returning them!
    • Take-home binders: We will start those, hopefully, next week. I will keep you posted.