CK Manna Program Guidelines

    Please pay for your Manna purchase using check or cash. We are unable to accept credit card payments due to the transaction fees. Checks are deposited each Friday so please plan accordingly. We are unable to hold checks. In the event you receive a defective card, please call the number on the back of the card to check the transaction history. Sometimes another member of your household may have inadvertently used the card. When you call the number, you will be prompted through a series of steps to check the usage history. If no one in your household has used the card, we will work with you to secure a replacement.  

    Please do not write your check amount out until you are at Manna, and we have confirmed that we have all of the inventory you are hoping to purchase. We are unable to issue a credit in the event you have written your check amount in, and we do not have all of the items you wanted.   Please remember that you will need to write a separate check if you are purchasing items that need to be ordered. Our cash and carry transactions need to be kept separate from those that are ordered.

    Thank you for supporting our program!