• Mrs. Peloquin


    I’m thrilled to be part of the CK Team!  I love using technology and want to help you with all your technology needs at Christ the King School.  We’re striving to expand ways we can use technology in our everyday classroom learning at CK.  Whether it’s through research, expressing ourselves, or working on a project which pulls together various types of media, I’m excited to assist and work with you.


    Mary Ellen Peloquin


    Wife of Donald


    Mother of Daniel,David, Jamie, Donald Jr., and Donna


    Grandmother of Aidan, Brynn,  MacKenzie, Allison, Kylie, Eoghan, D.J., Emily, & Desmond


    Volunteer for Misericordia and Blue Cap School for the Handicapped


    Favorite Interests incude art, gardening, cooking, boating and water sports, and FAMILY!


    Favorite recent events were Christenings at Notre Dame’s Log Cabin

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