• Kevin Barry - Christ the King Class of 2005 

    Kevin graduated from CK in 2005 and Mt. Carmel High School in 2009. When deciding his next step, Kevin stumbled upon the University of Colorado. He took a chance and went to this massive public university. It was in Boulder where his faith was deeply rooted. He decided being a Sunday Mass-only Catholic was not good enough any longer, he wanted more. “God placed in my life a great community where I was truly known to open my eyes to reality.” 

    Through continual invitations to grow and serve more, Kevin found Christ in the City. In his senior year, he went to the state capitol in downtown Denver to help serve the Second Saturday Lunch in the Park.  “I realized how important this meal was, for both the homeless being served as well as the people serving it. After a few awkward conversations, I connected with a homeless man and after a few minutes, I felt I was talking among friends.” It became quite clear to Kevin that he needed to join this mission.

    Since August 2013, Kevin has been living with fifteen young adults in community in an old convent in downtown Denver. They pray, eat, and have fun together, but also go out to serve those most in need in whatever way they need help. “My specific role is the Denver Taskforce. We comb the 16th St. pedestrian mall and strike up conversations to meet people where they are at in their lives, getting to the truth of their situation. We try to give them the look of love we all long for, the same look God has for us. Christ in the City is unique because, unlike many other Christian charitable organizations, we do not proselytize. The ministry is not geared towards converting a bunch of people to Christianity.  Authentic Catholic Charity means walking side by side with this person, regardless of what choices they make and loving them through that. So, first and foremost, we work for people’s dignity, freedom, and justice. We uphold these core tenets by looking them in the eye and conversing, by connecting them to resources to get healthy or nourished, by encouraging them to stay or get clean, and all the while doing this in humility and gratitude to be in such a privileged position in someone else's life.”

    Kevin is such a fine example of living Christ’s message.  We enjoyed hearing him speak about his ministry at the October 5/6th masses. He even had a chance to see his CK Kindergarten Buddy, Dominic Antonietti!

    Interested in making a donation to Christ in the City?  Checks payable t Christ in the City can be mailed to Christ in the City, 1840 Grant St., Denver, CO 80203



  • This is a photo of Kevin Barry at the Seton House where he is currently living to minister to the neighborhood.  The Seton house is an old convent where Mother Teresa once lived.
    Kevin Barry