• Patrick Creevy - Christ the King Class of 1962
    Pat Creevy went all eight grades to Christ the King back in the days of Andrew Greeley and George Wendt, who was Pat's good friend and classmate in the class of 1962.  His family moved from the parish the same year Pat graduated from CK; and the fact that he was in this way separated completely from his best friends and from the place where he grew up gave him the motive for writing his new novel, Ryan's Woods, which is an attempt to recapture lost times and a lost place.  Ryan's Woods, a "Stand By Me" Christ the King style, is also written in special memory of Michael Collins, Pat's friend who died in their Christ the King years, now more than fifty years ago.  But Ryan's Woods is a full story of grammar school love and battle, with heroes and villains and fair maidens - all the good things readers enjoy.  George Wendt, who "loved, loved, loved this book," also, as an expert, vouches for its humor.  The novel provides a street map in the beginning with special markings of key places mentioned in the story - but readers from Beverly will not need the map.  Nor, Pat believes, will Ryan's Woods, the setting for a great many of the books adventures, be a place without memories for readers from his old neighborhood.
    Pat Creevy moved to Wilmette in 1962.  He graduated from Loyola Academy in 1966 and from Holy Cross College in 1970. He received his Ph. D. in English Literature from Harvard University in 1975, and he has taught English literature at Mississippi State University since 1976, but also has served as a visiting lecturer both at Chicago's Loyola University and at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  For the past seventeen years, he has divided his time between his farm in Mississippi and his home in Evanston.  He has five children and now eight grandchildren,  he and his wife, Susie, an architect, have been married for forty-three years.  Pat has made it a point in recent years frequently to revisit the streets he grew up on and to walk the woods that meant so much to him in his childhood.  Ryan's Woods is available on Amazon and also locally at "Bookies." 
  • Patrick Creevy
    Ryan's Woods