• What happens if I make a purchase with my gift cards or gift certificates and it doesn’t exhaust the total denomination placed on these?


    If you make a purchase with a gift card, the balance left after your purchase will remain on the gift card.  For example, if you go to the movies using your AMC movie card and begin with a denomination of $25 but spend only $20 your card will be left with a $5 balance.  Most companies outline the beginning denomination as well as the existing balance on the receipt they give you when you complete your transaction.  Manna users have found that keeping these receipts wrapped around their cards until the next use makes an easy way to track your balance.  Some users write the value left on the back of the card using a “Sharpie” marker and track it that way.  Many of the local merchants will simply give you cash back as long as the cash owed does not exceed more than a few dollars.