• Christ the King Ministries & Programs


    Christ the King is more than a church and more than a school; Christ the King is a faith community.  We work together and support each other in our quest to lead better lives, to be true disciples of Christ.  We join together to pray, to minister to the poor, to educate our children and to enjoy each other's company.  Listed below are some of the ways we join together in our efforts.  We hope you will find something that will enrich your life and prompt you to get involved.  All are welcome to join us—practicing Catholics, non-practicing Catholics or non-Catholics. 


    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of the contacts listed below or call the rectory at

    773-238-4877.  If you have ideas for other activities Christ the King should be engaged in or anything we may have left out, we would love to hear your ideas.