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  • Christ the King Elementary School

    Christ the King School has been educating the Beverly community since 1937. We pride ourselves on our strong community ties that continue to bring our alumni back to CK to raise their children and receive a CK education. Throughout the elementary experience, Christ the King provides a rich, faith-centered education for children in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. Our teachers utilize a rigorous standards based curriculum that is accredited by the Archdiocese of Chicago and recognized by the State of Illinois. We employ cross curricular techniques, thematically connecting lessons from subject to subject. Technology is used to compliment the curriculum at all grade levels to further enhance the academic experience. While strong academic performance is emphasized, equally valued is the spiritual, social, physical and moral development of each child.

    At the primary level (K-3rd grade), CK students continue to develop a solid foundation of cognitive skills and spiritual integrity. With an emphasis on Language Arts, Reading and Phonics, Writing, and Math, our primary teachers strive to strengthen those core skills that will best prepare our students for the intermediate grade levels.

    During the intermediate years (4th-5th grades) at CK, students continue to build and strengthen basic skill sets. Additionally, students are exposed to higher level writing exercises and problem solving skills at this time. Students begin to see connections between lessons in class and real world applications.