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  • Christ the King Junior High

    Students entering the junior high at Christ the King can expect to participate in an array of cross-curricular, technology-driven activities that are rooted in the curriculum standards of the Archdiocese of Chicago. In addition to learning note-taking, research, and test prep skills, students will interact with the curricula through debate, role-play, simulation, discussion, learning circles, labs , creation of multi-media presentations, and other activities that engage students' multiple intelligences and simulate real-life experiences. 

    General Course Content:

    Language Arts

    • Composition of APA and MLA-style research papers
    • Composition of essays in a variety of styles, including narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository
    • Grammatical concepts (sentence structure, pronoun agreement, etc)
    • Public speaking


    • Reading strategies (i.e. making inferences, visualizing, making connections)
    • Genre and novel study (whole class and independent)
    • Identification, analysis, and evaluation of authors’ use of literary devices
    • Summer reading
    • Vocabulary study


    • Practice, application, problem-solving, and projects
    • Concepts such as fraction operations, percentages, and geometry, and algebra I concepts such as solving and graphing multi-step equations


    • Old and New Testaments
    • History of the Catholic Church
    • Confirmation preparation


    • Basic principles of life science; introduction to physical science and chemistry
    • Scientific measurement and tools
    • Laboratory skills, including dissection
    • 7th grade Science fair: students will design and conduct an experiment, which they will present at the school science fair, with the option to advance to city- and state-level competition

    Social Studies

    • World history
    • US history from early civilization to the present
    • US and Illinois State Constitution Tests (Grade 7, required for graduation)
    • Study of current events