• The Christ the King School Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for profit entity.  Established in 1993, the Foundation’s sole mission is to ensure that Christ the King school continues to thrive and maintain its reputation for excellence in education.    

    Funds raised by the Foundation are segregated and actively invested in a diversified portfolio.  Each year, the Foundation contributes substantially to the school's operations -- within the last three years alone, the Foundation has given the school more than $300.000 - and helped the school to continue it's mission despite budget constratints imposed by the economy and the Archdiocese and without significant tuition increases.  The Foundation's gifts provide Father Larry and Dr. Riordan with flexiblitiy and may be used at their discretion to ensure the vitality of the school and ultimately, our parish.  Recently, the Foundation also helped to kickstart the 2050 Campaign wiht a $500,000 gift!
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