Reading, English, Writing, 
    Vocabulary/Spelling & Social Studies 

    I love cats!      Hello, my name is Tracee Cosme.  I am a 5th grade teacher at Christ the King School.  I'm so excited to be teaching 5th graders and helping them prepare for Jr. High.


         My husband Jim and I have 3 children.  We have two cats and love all animals.  We live in Beverly and atttend Christ the King Church.  I received my Bachelors Degree from Eastern Illinois University, and got my Masters in Education at DePaul University!  

     A few interesting things about myself are that I love cats, love to bake, and my favorite color is PINK!  Also, my family and love of God are the most important things in my life.  I am so thrilled to be teaching at a Catholic School where I am able to talk openly and help children learn about God and having him close in their lives!