• Music at Christ the King 

    Christ the King School has a comprehensive music program for Pre-School to 8th grade students structured in the Orff and Dalcroze methods. General music classes meet once a week for 45 minutes.  CK also offer a Band and Choir program that students may choose to join.

    The primary grades of Pre-K to 2nd focus of exploration and creation in music. Primary music classes consist of time honored children’s songs and movement such as Mother Goose and circle games with a focus on steady beat. Basic instruments such a body percussion and rhythm sticks pave the way for their years to come in the Orff method.

    3rd To 5th grade perform and improvise music while increasing their skills with written notation and ear training. These older grade school students learn recorder, mallet, and vocal techniques that prepare them for Band and Choir. These years focus on identifying and codifying music symbols and concepts that students have previously experienced in the younger grades.

    6th to 8th grade music classes have units in advanced Orff and Dalcroze methods, class guitar, and a comprehensive music history course that spans over their middle school years. In 6th grade we begin music history with ancient music and the Greeks moving all the way through the classical music time periods ending in the 1800’s. In 7th grade we cover the expanse of the 20th century through music and culture, this time of change seems to resonate with this age group as they themselves are mentally maturing. Finally, in 8th grade we discuss world music from the perspective of an ethnomusicologist considering the cultural and social aspects of why people around the world value music.  

    The CK band has two groups with 39 students all together. Beginning band meets once a week and is available to the 4th grade students. Advanced Band meets twice a week for 5th through 8th grade students. All band students receive private instruction as well as group lessons. The band program uses the Essential Elements progressive method books so that our young musicians can work at their own pace. This allows our musically inclined students to hit their stride while also ensuring that all students move together with a common base line.

    Our CK Choir program has over 40 students and meets once a week to work on sacred and pop music alike. Our choir program has two groups and is available for KG through 5th grade students. The choir is a great extension to the general music classes allowing those students who are interested a more in-depth view into choir methods like Solfege and part singing.     

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