• Available Positions for 2018-19:

    • There are no positions available at this time.  Thank you!
    Applications are available to download and print at the bottom of this page. Please submit all applications to the rectory attention:

    All applications will be reviewed by the Board then a vote will be taken.  A majority will carry the vote.


    A. All concession /door duties are waived.

    B. Coordinators are responsible for their respective programs. This includes representing the Association at Southside Catholic Conference and League meetings pertinent to their sport. They must represent the wishes of the Association in his/her vote where required.

    C. Will provide to coaches, a statement (approved by the Association) starting the association’s goals and objectives, chain of command and coaches responsibilities.

    D. Must complete VIRTUS training and ensure all head coaches do the same prior to the start of their sport’s season.

     E. Acts as a liaison between players, parents, coaches and the Board.

    F. Is responsible for obtaining, distributing and returning all equipment.

    G. Is responsible for reporting the scores of games played at CK gyms to the leagues within two days.

    H. All financial transactions must go through the coordinator; fees must be submitted with completed rosters to the Board.

     I. Insures that all league and tournament guidelines are distributed to coaches and adhered to.

     J. It is required that the coordinators attend the mandatory budget and by-law meetings, as well as attend the monthly board meetings.

    K. The position of coordinator will be held for three consecutive years and may apply for up to three additional 1-year terms.

    L. If a coordinator does not fulfill his/her responsibility as outlined above, a review of the circumstances will be conducted by the Board and disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, may occur as a result of a unanimous vote of the Board.